Reflection | Finding My Art Language

At the end of the last project, I asked myself “Am I ready to accept more challenges, to explore more and be more critical?”

When I look back, the answer is yes, I did. 

Working on the second project, Navigators, I had many firsts.

Inspired by collage by Mark Hearld and animated collage by Yellowbirds, I made my first collages finding a way to show the complexity and contrast in painting.

The film workshop run by Anat emphasized the presentation to me, which catalyzed my first stop-motion animations.

When I presented above artworks to tutor Lee, he helped me to realize how I love playing repetition in my artwork.

During the trip to Greenwich, it was my first time to draw with oil pastel, which made me realize how much I loved catching colors. 

Getting feedback from classmates and tutors encouraged me to dare to draw like a child.

Visiting Museum of London and tube trips made me so close to London and had many thoughts on the change of history and city.

The time-based drawing workshop run by Gary totally changed my mind about drawing, the first time I realized how I like dolls and toys, human figures, vivid colors, and grand objects.

After all of these firsts, I made the first large size artworkTime, City, Being”, together with Purvi.

It was also my first time to use lights, but if I could customize Neon Lights, it would achieve better effects. 

We also recorded the process and made a stop-motion animation, definitely, I need to make own music and better animation next time.

RCA | Navigator 1: the Shape of Time

RCA | Navigator 2: the Birth of City

RCA | Navigator 3: the Infinity of Being

Thanks to my project partner Purvi, who was always proactive in our communications. Thanks to our tutor Julian, who pointed the way out when we almost gave up.

In the past two months, I have gradually found my art language.

So, how am I going to play them in my individual project?


Royal College of Art, London


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