London | People Come and Go– drawings on the tube and bus

people come and go
leaving a blank memory and chaotic lines

a girl with short hair and baby bangs
in the lime coat with green heart patterns
yellow floral dress
blue and pink socks
kelly green 
ankle boots
standing on the left front
looking at her phone with a greyish Totoro case
before her stop at Liverpool Station
I held the drawing up to show her
she gave me a big smile and thumbs up
then vanished in the grey crowd
while an old guy in an olive jacket
still napping on the dark blue seat


a blond boy doubling up on the seat,
as his father’s arms around him;
a blond girl reading books,
as her mother eyes on her;
a white girl in red t-shirt standing in the middle,
talking to a white boy in red hat and red scarf;
a black woman standing on the left listening to music,
while a black man standing on the right 
as if in a trance;
a brown lady sitting on the left
with her backpack in the front
while a brown girl sitting on the right
watching me drawing
people come and go
leaving a blank memory and chaotic lines


by Bus 94
from New Bond Street to Notting Hill Gate
I don’t remember what I have seen
except for the memory of
a chromatic road




London | People Come and Go– drawings on the tube and bus”的一个响应


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