Mowen is a young artist who dedicates herself to creating a beautiful world with her talents. She did her first painting when she was 2 and since then she couldn’t stop it. She never learns professional skills or studies art in school, but paints anything in her mind to describe the feeling.

She paints the Persian Princess to show a rich inner world behind woman’s appearance, her inspirations come from poetry, fairytales, drama, travel, and her experience. She is also looking for the meaning of art and how to change the world through art.

Recently, she is designing art projects in slums and poor communities to bring happiness and raise awareness. She is also preparing her art projects in Afghanistan and Iran next year.

Besides art, Mowen Li has 6 years working experience in NGO management and international development. At the age of 26, She has been to more than 30 countries for leadership conference and peace projects, across Asia, Europe, the Middle East to Africa.

She was former President of AIESEC in Iran(Tehran, Iran), Global VP of AIESEC International( Rotterdam, the Netherlands), the world biggest youth-led organization which envisions “Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s’ potential”, where she learned to keep jumping outside of comfort zones and be the change agent. Currently, she is also a youth consultant at Asian Development Bank Headquarters based in Manila, the Philippines.

She enjoys living in her own world and talks to herself. Reading, writing and playing instruments make her relaxed. She has even been to India for meditation, where she cut all communications but stayed in total silence for 10 days, she enjoyed practicing Mouna, it’s the best way for her to observe herself.

She is willing to take adventures and try interesting activities too, she learns by doing, and believes that the best way to know a place is to experience and observe with independent thinking.


Mowen’s three values are freedom, creativity, and impact. She is a vision driving person who images future and dreams. When she makes decisions of life, she chooses to follow her heart.

Last but not least, when she is blue, sunrise, flowers, and love could make her red again.