Reflection | A Journey of Breaking Limits

Working on the first project Manifesto for Change has been like a Newbie’s first time trying out white water rafting.

Before the journey, I fantasized about the beautiful scenes and how interesting it would be. Should I bring some drinks? Perhaps I could lie down and gently reach the end.

But the fact is that, IT WAS A CRAZY RAPIDS FULL OF ROCKS. I needed to keep paddling every second.

Initially, everything seemed to go smoothly, our team decided on the manifesto “No Escape”, I drew lots of ideas and finished 3 paintings of Persian Princesses. I was so happy to show them to my tutor Lee.

“Why are you repeating what you were painting before? Why can’t you break your limitations? ” Lee asked me.

The first rock made me fall out of the raft. I was down and confused, I didn’t know what to do and even doubted who I was without painting Persian Princesses.

It took me 1 week to come back to the flow, I changed medium and subject, and bought different kinds of mesh materials for experimentation.

When I overcame this rock, a new scene revealed itself, I opened my mindset to exploring art in different ways.

Then, I did my first performance art to express “We can’t escape”.

When I showed photos of the performance to Lee, again he questioned me and left me with a question “So, what’s next?”

This rock was easier to deal with, quickly I created new artworks combining my performance photos and mesh materials.

I was used to be taught “what/how to do” by teachers, but here it’s up to myself to decide what/how to do while tutors question me to rethink. It’s uncomfortable but I see how it has helped me think more independently.

It’s crazy, but a great adventure.
Now, am I ready to accept more challenges, to explore more and be more critical?

P.S. Project Process Records on sketchbook:


Royal College of Art
16th Aug 2018



Reflection | A Journey of Breaking Limits”的一个响应

  1. The energy in your sketchbook is so fantastic! I wonder if you’d be interested in Paula Rego’s early paintings? I’m thinking particularly of her work from around the 60s – 80s, like “Centaur”, “Dogs of Barcelona”, “Prole’s Wall”, “The Drowned Bear”, or the “Red Monkey” paintings…

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