Inspiration | why Collage Art?

Mark Hearld’s Work Book attracted my eyes among hundreds of art books at Foyles, I was amazed by the great nature showing in his artworks, but what’s more, the way how he played college art layers by layers made artworks looks so rich.


I never noticed collage art before coming to school,  when I saw classmates playing college with magazines and books cuttings, I felt it’s fun but not connected, until joining the first drawing workshop at school, tutors gave us differently materials, including some images, and asked us to cut and stick them on sketchbook then do some drawings with left hand, I saw a different artwork that I had never imaged I could make before.



Since then, I started to use collage in my sketchbook drawings and discovering different materials to play with.

when I worked on my second project and wanted to do a collage animation, Lee asked me “Why do you choose collage ?”

Why collage art? 

  • I could show more elements in a page, to show the

    complexity of artworks. 

  • It could make the artwork look richer in materials, not only flat.
  • It could show a strong contrast, especially when you look for materials from old books or different subjects.
  • It could inspire me, and it’s fun to play with.  I never know what I could create with different images or materials, and the result is always surprising.

Recently, I’m using images from old books about London and make collage art on a book about Victorian London. The book is like the stage, and all the figures from different time acting on the stage.













3rd Sep 2018
Royal College of Art, London

Inspiration | why Collage Art?”的一个响应

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