I killed a Magnolia petal

In a spring afternoon

with soft wind and warm sunshine

I killed a Magnolia petal

China, Lianyungang

Artist Statement

I believe that humankind is the core of world development, how to achieve the fulfillment of humankind’s’ potential is the fundamental solution to solve world issues and to promote world development. As globalization continues, to unite all the human beings to build a community of shared future for mankind, where people understand, respect and collaborate with each other, regardless of gender, sexual orientation,  races, nationality, religion, or cultural background, is the fundamental condition to achieve the prosperous and peaceful development of the future world.


The Emotional Band

It started with a sleepless night, I took a roll of toilet paper as a diary and wrote down my messy mind on it. When the toilet paper roll was full of my writings, I took some photos for it, surprisingly, I was attracted by its flexibility in shapes, it could be any kind of shape softly, which shaped the space beautifully.