Malaysia | art and leadership conference

After three years, I went back to AIESEC to chair the National Conference of AIESEC in Malaysia for a week. As Chair, my role was to deliver morning and evening plenary each day. Each plenary session runs for 1 to 1.5 hour. Instead of making PPT with photos and words, this time I use the app Paper to draw more than 100 slides for the conference. Here are some of them.

What’s more, this time I also designed art activities as lead sessions to support delegates to communicate, express, appreciate, reflect and understand them better, which made me understand better why drawing is so attractive and powerful for me when I was an artist yet, it’s not only about art creation, drawing has more functions than that.

Just like what Ralph Ammer has talked during his speech “How drawing helps you think” ——

Drawing is not only about artistic excellence, personal self-expression or talent for that matter, drawing is not about art, drawing is bigger than art, it’s a way to think in pictures.

Ralph Ammer has also summarized 5 ways how drawing can support your thinking: “ignite your intuition, make our lives more beautiful, help us understand, imagine new things, and share them with others. “

This experience reminded me again about the functions of different art forms, no matter in drawing, sculpture, installations, dancing or music. I also need to think about my next career step and how to develop it.

During the conference, there were one quote I have shared with delegates inspired me the most:

You must let go your past pain, your struggle, not because it wasn’t important, but because your life, your future is more important.


Serdang, Malaysia


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