Travel and Paint in Auroville, India

I was curious about Auroville — the international community which is also a Utopia Village where people live together no matter who they are, where they come from. So I spent 10 days in the village to experience and get inspired.

I brought an iPad with me this time instead of acrylic and notebooks, sometimes I draw what I have seen or experienced, sometime I draw what I have thought when I came back to the resort. Life was quite chill, so I had enough time to draw.

I have joined many therapies, what impressed me the most was the dancing therapy. There were around 30 people lying down on the ground in the hall, and move their bodies with different music. I was afraid of someone touch me, so after 5min I chose to stay in a corner to draw what I have seen, since people were keeping moving, so my drawings had layers and layers. Now I’m still thinking how to find a right way to make art like this.

After coming back home, I chose some drawings and transfer to canvas:


Auroville, India

Travel and Paint in Auroville, India”的一个响应


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