Performance | there is nowhere I can escape

For how many times you want to escape?

Therefore, you escape into traveling, food, music, books, art, daydreams…….

But the truth is, wherever we escape, we still need to face trifles, need to face the reality. 

We can’t escape. 

I did a performance art during a trip to Sheffield, my friend Lu Qi, a photography lover, helped me to document everything.

I was wearing a mask painted by myself and a fishing net (couldn’t find a big one on time) wherever I went.

Lu Qi shot these photos when I ate, I read, I wrote, I shop, I traveled, I looked in the mirror, in a car, in the train, in the room, in a restaurant, in a shop, in Chatsworth House, or on the street. Which presents those moments that I want to escape.

The reason I choose to wear a mask is that I want to hide in the crowded world, don’t let anyone see me. I wore a fishing net to express I wished to escape the world through traveling, overeating, books, art, sleeping……

However, the fishing net and I are still part of the world, I’m not disappeared but connect to the real world whatever I do, wherever I go.

We can’t escape, so, what should we do ?

Performance Art: There is nowhere I can escape 
: Mowen
Photo: Lu Qi
Place: Sheffield, UK
Date: 10th – 12th Aug 2018

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