RCA | Are you ready to find your language in different ways?

At the end of the lecture by Jessica, who just finished her Master study on contemporary art practice program at RCA,  the advice she gave to us was that “Don’t be forced on your own language but find your language in different ways. After the first semester at RCA, the artworks I presented was totally different from my previous paintings, I started to explore different materials to create my art, I never felt that I lost my own style since the final vision was the still the same,  but in different mediums. ”

“Are you ready to find your language in different ways ?”

I asked myself. 

I decided to be an artist because of the experience in the Middle East, and I started my painting series of Persian Princess. No matter wherever I go, whatever I do, I draw the Persian Princess.

When I came to RCA and started the first project “No Escape”, I wanted to do middle east refugee issues so I draw Persian Princess in “Birth, Growth, Maturity ” then someone suddenly destroys this life cycle and force them to leave their homeland.

I was so excited to draw these paintings and looking forward to what will happen in the end, because I did put so much energy and thought, I came to school every day to paint them, almost the first to come and the last to leave.

When I finished painting part before moving to Destroy part, I asked the tutor Lee to come here to have a look.

But he asked me:

” Why do you still paint Persian Princess?

Why do you think you can on behalf of the region of people where you do not come from?

Why are you keeping drawing something that you could draw even without your eyes open?

Why can’t you open yourself and break your limitations?

Why can’t you improve your naive brush?

I don’t think we can discover more things from your paintings until you try something new. ”

He told me this on Thursday 2nd Aug, it was my birthday, since then I didn’t do any painting or any artwork, and no longer stay in the studio.

I had a headache,  my mind is in a mess these days.  I can’t stop thinking, but don’t know how.



6th Aug 2018
Royal College of Art, London




RCA | Are you ready to find your language in different ways?”的一个响应


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