EXHIBITION | Persian Princess — Kabul, Afghanistan

Persian Princess 

Kabul, Afghanistan

7th June to 13th June 2018 


TOLONews: Chinese artist’s paintings on Display in Kabul

I believe that art has the fundamental power to empower lives and to inspire action, and I’m passionate about achieving world peace through my art. I have worked in Iran for one year, where all the women including me were forced to cover their body with hijab, which limited our freedom and rights. thus, I initiated the Persian Princess project to raise awareness about gender issues, as well as other social issues, in Iran and Afghanistan.

During my art residency at Artlords, the leading art management organization in Afghanistan,  which dedicated to peace and social transformation through art and culture, I have the chance to observe what is happening in Afghanistan closely, and created 12 paintings based on my observation and experience here, to reflect on social issues like women rights, education problems, war and violence, etc. I hope to raise awareness of these social issues and inspire actions, not only as a foreigner artist but also as a human being who cares about another group of human being in the same world.


Part 1
Installation: Persian Princess 

“No woman call herself free who does not control her body. “IMG_5898

If it’s strange for a man to cover his body, then why it is okay for women? 


Part 2
Mural: Persian Princess’ dream


屏幕快照 2018-09-08 下午9.32.22

Voice of America report on the mural

Lots of women are not allowed to go outside to work in Afghanistan, and when I ask some girls about their dream life in the future, they answered either to be a teacher or doctor, besides these two jobs, they don’t know what else they can be and dream of.

As what Jewish thinker Zadok Rabinowitz said: “A woman’s dreams are an index to her greatness.”

To show the possibilities of their future, , ArtLords artist and I together did this mural “Last Night I had a Dream” to present a girl in Blue Burqa who was sleeping, and in her dream, she could do anything she wants to do and be the person she wants to be, not only a housewife or clean lady, not only begging for money, not only a teacher or a doctor, but can be a scientist, a pilot, a spacewoman, a photographer, a painter, a football player, a diver, an adventure, a singer, s dancer, a present, and the queen of her own world.



By this mural painting, we hope Afghan woman and girls could dream bigger and believe in themselves to achieve their dream,, and also hope more people could support and respect Afghan women to be independent.

Afghanistan | A wall of Dream


Part 3
Painting: Persian Princess 



1. Persian Princess in Kabul
“the first day I arrived in Afghanistan, Kabul welcomed me with bunches of roses.”2

Before arriving in Afghanistan, I was scared, scared of the explosions and killings, scared of the war and violence, because these are what I heard from news and friends every day, even when I arrived at the airport, I was scared of being surrounded by so many Afghan people “will any terrorist here ? ” Each of my breath and step was cautious. However,  to my surprise, when I walked outside of the airport, I saw many beautiful Roses blossom, they gave me so much positive energy and made me smile. Later, no matter where I went, I could see these blooming roses in every corner of the city, which bring me hope and enjoyment.

2. Persian Princess in Armor
“What I heard about Afghanistan and what I experienced in Afghanistan.”

3, the Persian Princess in Scares
“With countless scars, Life is still going on.”IMG_1382

4, the Persian Princess in Bomb
“where bombs exploded, flowers bloom now .”

5, the Persian Princess in FIRE
“Nowhere to run, or rebirth with fire?”


6, the Persian Princess in Burqa Cage
“You put me in a blue cage”1

7, the Persian Princess in Protection
“In the name of protection, I’m controlled by anyone except me. “

8, the Persian Princess in Permission
“You are not allowed……—- what I heard the most in Afghanistan”

9, the Persian Princess in Education
“It’s never too late to study, you may cover my body, but not my mind.”IMG_1383

10, the Persian Princess is fleeing homeland
“It was not my choice, but I need to leave my home.”


Thanks to Artlords for hosting my art residency and exhibition, thanks to AIESEC in Afghanistan for providing me cultural discovery experience, thanks to Mustafa for introducing me to Artlords and AIESEC in Afghanistan, thanks to every Afghan who has helped to understand the country better, even though I have only stayed in Afghanistan for one month, I do feel deeply connected with this country especially with friendly and unbending Afghan people.


Special thanks to Omaid Sharifi and Kabir Mokamel, Co-Founders of ArtLords, without their generous support and trust, I won’t have such a nice experience and great & safe environment to create art in Kabul.


Kabul, Afghanistan


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