RCA | a time-based drawing workshop

It’s my first time to join a time-based drawing workshop run by our tutor Gary, which totally changed my mind about drawing class.

Step 1 – 10:31
built the infrastructure on the paper
when most people finished
I put several green papers as parks and forests
a city without trees and flowers couldn’t breathe, right?IMG_7443

Step 2 – 10:46
drew what you have seen on sketchbook


Step 3 – 11:00
drew what you have seen on white paper
where you’d paint everything during the workshopIMG_7435

Step 4 – 11:37
everyone contributed to building the city

I put a big bird netting and a little doll
Shuyuang made a bear as the doll’s friend
Uma made a safe home for them to play and rest

Step 5 – 11:57 
drawing as a record of the process

Step 6 – 12:27
I put red yarn surrounding the city
then built 2 buildings with cardboard
one in the east, one in the west
and painted each side in different colors

屏幕快照 2018-09-11 下午10.14.31
屏幕快照 2018-09-11 下午9.25.25
屏幕快照 2018-09-11 下午9.38.14屏幕快照 2018-09-11 下午10.50.39

Step 7 – 12:47
drawing as a record of the process

Step 7 – 1:01
I ripped pieces of red paper to cover the ground
symbolizing the Great Fire of London
Tom put a big green monster in front of the tall building

屏幕快照 2018-09-11 下午9.57.13

Step 7 – 1:10
drawing as a record of the process

Lunch Break
I ate 4 oranges
and use 
orange peel to decorate the building
just for fun

Step 8 – 14:25
Rebuild the City
someone cleaned the red fire
and put blue and green paper as the river and parks

someone rearrange the little doll
and gave the doll a nice house
I made another doll
now we have a pair of dolls
I guess they love playing with each other屏幕快照 2018-09-11 下午11.03.28

Step 9 – 15:29
drawing as a record of the process

Step 10 – 15:44
I cut some figures of the human
and stuck them everywhere
a city without human is lifeless, right?
屏幕快照 2018-09-11 下午11.19.51.png

Step 11 – 15:51
clean up and review

Step 12 – 16:44
show the video
which recorded the process every 30s
made by Anna and Anat

Step 13 – 17:38
I drew all the process on my sketchbook too
when I looked back
I never thought that after 2 months studying at RCA
my drawings would be this way

Self – Reflection:

  • I love childish dolls and toys, they make the life more interesting, living in fairytale and magic would be great.
  • I need life in a city, like humans, dolls, flowers, birds, fish, animals…..if I could do it again, I would put more animals and flowers there.
  • I love vivid colors to attraction action and repeat them everywhere, like what I have done during the activity, to put green colors as parks on white paper, red colors as fire to cover the city, orange human figure to cover the buildings and city.
    Vivid color + repetition = attraction/power/impact
  • I love grand objects, like what I have done to make two buildings as “magnificent” object, if possible, I wanna people notice my artwork anywhere, among everything.
  • Recording Color is how I observe the world. when I did a quick recording through drawings, instead of drawing lines or real things or details, I chose to observe different colors, then put them on the paper. for example, first, I found green in different places, then brown, then blue, then yellow…..my drawings is a record of colors.
  • After this workshop,  no matter looking at the sky or street, I started to notice the movement, and how could I record their colors quickly.
  • so, what’s next?



Royal College of Art, London

RCA | a time-based drawing workshop”的一个响应


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