London | I never lose my childhood — drawings at the Museum of Childhood

I never lose my childhood

It’s always with me

When I entered V&A Museum of Childhood
I knew that this is my heaven
My legs stopped moving forward
My eyes skipped around everywhere
I had my happiest day


Hey Hey Hey, I’m Pinocchio, who are you?
Hey Pinocchio, I’m Black Bear from the Black Forest!
Black Bear, let’s have a race, who will arrive at the MoMo Town first.
Hmmm, if I arrive, will I have honey as a reward?
If you win, I will give you all the honey I have!
How much honey do you have now?
You will know if you win me 🙂
Hmm, I don’t believe, but I’d love to play with you, Pinocchio 🙂

They say I’m a naughty child
because I play tricks on others
And make them cry
But I just want to play with them
Maybe, I don’t know how to make friends?
Who could teach me ?
Hey Little Naughty, I’m Blue Rabbit, I’d love to play with you, and be your frend.
Me too, me too Little Naughty, I’m the Green Bear, I will tell you how to make friends.


Witch Witch tell me
How do you make adult become puppets?
When you become an adult you will know!



V&A Museum of Childhood, London

London | I never lose my childhood — drawings at the Museum of Childhood”的一个响应


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