Drawing | A starting point for collaboration

“Which flower represents you ?”

While waiting for lunch, I asked Purvi, the Indian girl with long curly brown hair and big shining eyes.

Lily, Hydrangea, and Lotus. ” She answered.

“How about me ?” I asked her.

Birds of Paradise.”  She said.


“Why ?”

“The color is brilliant, and it’s unique”

“I love Roselle and Sunflower too,” I told her.

I drew Purvi in purple and Mowen in black, with a background of Hydrangea and Roselle, on a page of the Victorian London map.


Purvi drew Lily, Lotus, Rainbow, and Bird of Paradise on a piece of white paper.

Then I cut those flowers Purvi drew and stuck on my drawings.

“See, this is Purvi and Mowen.”  I showed her the first drawing we made together.

“I love it !” Purvi was happy.

mowen purvi

This is how we started to collaborate on the second project at school.

See Purvi’s blog here


V&A Museum of Childhood, London


Drawing | A starting point for collaboration”的一个响应

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