Printing | My Brain Activity 2 : All of Me

How many Mowen do I have?




No.1 the Original

I can’t say I am I, cause all of us are I. The Original is a representative, standing in front of audience.

No.2 the Little Red Girl

There is a little girl living happily inside me. I’d love to bear all the heaviness, in return for her lightness of being.


No.3 the Free Bird

The Free Bird can’t stay at one place, but keep flying from a place to another. Anywhere could be her home.

No.4 the Scared Hedgehog

The Scared Hedgehog is scared of surroundings and people. She needs to hide herself in a safe corner.

No.5 Persian Princess

The Persian Princess showed up in Iran,  and led me to Afghanistan, where I felt HOME. She is there forever, even I left the Middle East. She is calling me back, and waiting for me there.


No.6 the Little Evil

The Little Evil like playing small tricks, she is not very bad or dangerous, but if she is not getting what she wants, her “Big Boss”, the Big Evil, may show up.

No.7 the Big Evil

The Big Evil is looking for opportunities to control the body. She hurts people who she loves, but only love and caring could let her go back to her conner. She won’t disappear, she is with me forever.

No.8 the Lion

Impact is what she wants, the ambitions Lion is the one who pushes me to jump outside of my zone and go farer.

No.9 the Mastermind

The Mastermind protects us whenever we need her to show up. She is the one behind the scene but manage everything. I always see her and talk to her from a mirror or window.




day 3


Royal College of Art, London

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