Artefact | a Mini Costume : All of Us are I

I love costumes. I love getting dressed up because it really helps my imagination make the leap to believe that I am who I say I am. — Alessandro Nivola


I’m tired of buying clothes from shops or wearing what other people design.

I have a stronger and stronger desire to design my own costumes, the one exactly expresses who I am.

So, after discovering 9 selves and drew their shapes on paper. I  decided to use the 9 of selves image to make one costume. Considering no experience in cutting and design, I made a mini costume first as an experiment.


horns from the little devil



heart from the little red girl



the free bird makes my arms into wings



if the left arm is a bird then why not the right a fish?



curling up like a scared hedgehog



the face of the big devil



the foot of lion and crow of mastermind
which help me to go farther



All of us are I


After showing it to Julian, he suggested me to use the shape of the drawings of my body figures to make each part of the costume, by denim or cotton drill, then paint on it. For example, this figure below in the picture could be a sleeve of the costume.


This weekend I’m going to make my size costume, hope I could break the rigid lines and make something exciting and vivid. 


Royal College of Art, London

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