Drawing | My Brain Activity 1 : my messy mind

“Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.”

— William S.Burroughs

I was stuck in finding a way to draw my mind and different selves for several days. Till today by receiving the book “David Shrigley: Brain Activity “from RCA Library, I got some inspirations.

 The Guadian: David Shrigley: Brain Activity – review 

I like the way how David Shrigley displayed his drawings by putting all them on a big wall, or even full of the room. Different from enjoying the final perfect artwork from any artists, by looking at David Shrigley’s drawing walls,, it’s like a person totally opening himself to you. you can read his mind, what he was thinking, reading, playing, passing by, what’s his emotions, confused, happy, painful, you could read all of them.

His drawings reminded me of my previous drawings on an old book, during a trip to the Middle East. (sketchbook in the Middle East )

Why not have a wall of my brain activity?

I was not satisfied with the drawings I created these days, and lots of things going on my mind, it’s changing so fast that somehow it’s in a mess, I need to show my mind on paper.

So I started to draw what I was thinking in the past days, to show my brain activity, and also find a way out.

I used only red and grey, sometimes plus a bit yellow. Red is my favorite color, grey is mysterious, by mixing grey, water, and white, you can get thousands of grey. Put yellow is for emphasizing sometimes. 

day 1

So far I enjoyed the process, especially by seeing all my mind activity exposed in one space, will continue doing it till the wall is filled.


Royal College of Art, London

Drawing | My Brain Activity 1 : my messy mind”的一个响应


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