Navigator | Part 1: the Shape of Time

After showing Julian, our project tutor, drawings that Purvi and I made together, videos Purvi shot me drawing, stop motions I made for my drawings, and artworks from the last drawing workshop, he suggested to us: “Why not paint on a big size paper together, from the center to spread your ideas, and animated the process? ”


Artwork in UK

Project 3: Artefact

A Path to Immortality: from Dissociation to Association 

Artefact | Costume Design: the Association of Mowen

Artefact | Shoes and Accessories Design 

Artefact | Being Photographed: a celebration of self

mini costume

My Brain Activity and My Body Activity

Monoprinting – All of I

Project 2: Navigator

Time, City, Being

Navigator | Part 1: the Shape of Time

Navigator | Part 2: the Birth of City

Navigator | Part 3: the Infinity of Being

Project 1: Manifesto

No Escape 

Performance Art: there is nowhere I can escape 

Journal Art:

Drawing | Drawings at Victoria and Albert Museum

Sketchbook | a reflective journal on project “Manifesto: No Escape”



Royal College of Art
London, UK



RCA | Experiencing Tutorial Program

It’s my first time to experience tutorial program in U.K. and totally different with China spoon-feeding education model but similar to the previous mentorship programs I had in different organizations. Instead of following the teacher talking about something and students need to write down and recite everything but don’t understand the reasons behind, the tutorial is giving me additional instruction during the process when I do a project and helping me to learn by doing.