the Angry Wall

In the past weeks, every morning I go for boxing before coming to school,  by throwing punches and sweating,  I try to vent my pressure, anxiety, anger, and all the negative feelings, to restrain my emotion and keep calm at school. 

Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

I got a tutorial and again she pointed out the issues, I understand it’s what I need to improve, but it made me feel really disappointed about myself, I felt angry, the tutor  said, “You need to learn how to be a student.”

“You need to learn how to be a tutor. ” I responded.

There is a fire inside me urgent to burn out, I can’t restrain anymore. It’s not about the tutor, but about everything not working recently. I continued to paint my corner but can’t control my brushes , I split paints on the unfinished wall, I was so angry.

Looking at the painting I did in the past days, it’s too structured and restrained,  I need to destroy it, I need to vent my accumulated anger over the past weeks. 


So, I used my brushes, my paints, my hand, my strength, my energy, my anger, to scrawl, splash and punch.


When I painted based on myself, you asked where are others.

Now I put others, you asked where are you, even without seeing me finish the walls.

Where am I ? Where am I ? I AM EVERYWHERE !

Did you see it ? Did you see it ? EACH BRUSH IS ME !

In the end, I threw all the references prints, cups, gloves,  brushes on the ground.





Royal College of Art, London



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