Digital Drawing: Once it started, It could not End

My friend took some photos of me in my painting zone, I like those photos when I looked up, like looking for something I don’t know.

When I posted it on Instagram stories, I drew some lines across the photos and only left the space of my body.

I can’t stop drawing these lines. Something is swallowing me up, I don’t know what to do with it, but keep drawing lines, they make me feel better.

I can’t stop, so I went to the computer room and start to do the digital drawings on Wacom.

I like the free choice of colors and different effects of brushes, and I can always put new layers or deleted some, and looked back to choose which part I like the most. The digital drawings are different with acrylic paintings on papers. and I like drawing on my photos, it’s a way of creating something new in reality.

Here is the second one:

It started with a white line on the photo, then it became dense points, then fire, then face, then head, then character, then a story…….It took much longer time than expected because I don’t know when to stop, I just kept drawing layers and layers, till the file became too big to export.

I found myself like being photographed, and love playing with my photos too. For example, when I did my first project, I used my photos as the collage to make paintings, for the 3rd project, I wore my garment and shoot photos, now for the experiments, I’m doing digital drawings on my photos.

Why do I like playing with my photos?

How do other artists do with photo drawings?

What else could I do with these photos?

This is what I wanna figure out in this project.



Royal College of Art, London


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