Unbridled Sneakers

When I was in Manila, it was cheap to send Nike shoes for laundry service, moving to London, I didn’t clean them as often as I did in Manila due to the higher price. So one pair of my white sneakers got dirty and dirty as I always wore them at the studio.

Recently I fell in love with abstract expressionism or let’s say, action paintings,  after I split paints on the ground with my all energy and emotion, my white sneakers became my artwork too.

I love the vibrant paints on the white sneakers, and they matched well with the background, I guess it’s a nice advertisement poster for Nike — comfortable, free, passionate, young, unbridled, and just do it. 



I need to design some shoes, costumes, glasses, and hats, to express the feeling of being unbridled and passionate, I will wear my design and took some photos in the space painted by me.

Okay, so the plan is, 1st, finish space painting;  2nd, make dolls and toys with different materials; 3rd, decorate the space with lights,  sounds and maybe video; 4th,  design costumes, and accessories; 5th, photograph me in my garment in my space.


Royal College of Art, London
2018.11. 25


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