All of Me 2017.8

There are several Mowens lives together in one body, I guess that when she is old, her body will look like an empire where lives of tons of Mowen in different forms.

One day, in July, if I don’t remember wrong, I was sitting in ADB Library, on the green sofa, or maybe I was drinking my favorite Macha Latte in the tiny Starbucks in ADB, any way, I was reading and drinking that moment.

Suddenly I saw a small girl sitting in front of me eating a cheese cake with berries, she was in a red dress, she was smiling at me happily while enjoying the cheese cake.

Then, I saw the Persian Princess sitting on my left, drinking the same Matcha Latte, she didn’t look at me, she just focused on her team and seems far away from me, it seemed that her mind is flying away.

Then, I saw a horned devil sitting on my right,  she was keeping yawning, sometimes glanced at with a strong desire, it seemed that she is planning some new pranks.

And when I looked down, oh, there was a lion, she is sleeping beside my feet, it seemed that she is having a sweet dream.

That moment, I felt that the table is too small for all of us, I need a big table and more Macha Latte and Cheese cakes.

That was the first time we met each other, since then, we live together and go everywhere together.

And it’s our birthday!  we are eating one cake and make wishes together.

Happy birthday, Mowen and Mowen and Mowen and Mowen and Mowen !


Mowen Li

6th Aug 2017
the Philippines


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