the Persian Princess in Somewhere

I’d rather draw what I remember than what I saw. So I chose 10 special countries I have been to and painted the memory of those stories happened there. Until those moments became the memory, I realized how valuable they were.

the Persian Princess in North Cyprus

If you are sad, why not watch a sunrise over the sea?IMG_7131


the Persian Princess in Indonesia

If you are lonely, why not live in someone else’s home?IMG_7160


the Persian Princess in Cameroon 

If you are desperate, why not sing an African song?IMG_7194


the Persian Princess in India 

If you are discomposed, why not dance and meditate?IMG_7440


the Persian Princess in Morocco 

If you are wandering, why not talk to the moon?IMG_7505


the Persian Princess in Turkey 

If you are lost, why not go to Istanbul?IMG_7597


the Persian Princess in Nepal 

If you are struggling, why not let it go?IMG_7613


the Persian Princess in Myanmar 

If you are in love, why not be an independent soul first?IMG_7681


the Persian Princess in Japan 

If you meet, why not take it as a once-in-a-life encounter?IMG_7757


the Persian Princess in Singapore 

If you forget, then what’s left?


If you have loved, why not embalm it in mind?


Mowen Li

2017.8. Philippines 

the Persian Princess in Somewhere”的一个响应


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