To My 25-Year-Old Self

In memory of my 25th, I reviewed those important life events in the past year did this painting to mark all those moments that shaped who I am today. 

Working in 2 organizations(AIESEC and ADB ) for regional development and youth leadership pushed me to jump outside of my comfort zone, to keep learning how to be a real leader, and it’s vision which brings us hope and motivation;
Living in 2 different countries( the Netherlands and the Philippines ) taught me that when it’s rainy enjoy the rain while when it’s sunny enjoy the sun, and asked me to think what’s my role as a global citizen to contribute to this country and the world;
Traveling to 20 countries and territories taught me to stay an open mind because each place tells a unique story. And it’s not about where you go, but also why you go, what have you done, and who you are with, that’s how I create my unique story there.
Joining 7 international conferences on 3 continents( Africa, Asia, Europe) taught me that 10 minutes of brilliant presentation on-stage comes from tons of people’s several years of hard work off-stage;
Taking 3 exercise ( gym training, hot yoga, ballet) and 1 diet( Pescetarianism) helped me to lose 12kg and taught me that the first step is always difficult but once you started it’s gone to be amazing;
Creating 50 paintings with the dream of being an impactful artist gave me the chance to steal my soul from another world and live with my purpose and value ;
One story of love brought me tons of joy and growth, proved that my heart does need love and will feel painful too, and taught me that instead of asking love from someone, I need to love myself first and spread this love to others, because in the end, I’m an independent and complete soul;
Tons of self-reflections asked me to stop for a while, look back, face the truth, reconcile with my family and myself, then move on with an unencumbered self;
Making 2 tattoos to mark my memorable moments taught me that if it’s too easy, you will leave it behind. It’s painful, that’s why you will remember it;
Some people come, some people left, in the end, memories will fade away, only dreams are left. I’m quite happy to see that I’m still the girl who is passionate and crazy, who is staying curious and ambitious, who is following her heart and dreams, who is enjoying her life and being herself.
Happy Birthday, my dear Mowen!
Mowen Li 
2nd -4th Aug 
the Philippines

To My 25-Year-Old Self”的一个响应

  1. Hi mowen,happy birthday as a late bless,i saw your paintings ,thats so great.
    Well ,im still chinese living in philippines these days,los banos where 2 hour from manila by car.
    Hope we can meet in this countries or welcome to visit me before i leave here.i would like to listen to your stories^^


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