the Persian Princess in Family


This painting is to my boss, Chris Morris, Head NGO and Civil Society Center at Asian Development Bank.

The first time I met him was 2015, in India, when he came to AIESEC International Congress to launch the partnership between ADB and AIESEC, we as youth felt surprised by the partnership, why ADB would love to cooperate with a youth organization?

The second time I met him was 2016, in Poland, for another AIESEC International Congress. I was elected as Global VP of AIESEC and responsible for the partnership between ADB and AIESEC, the first time when we talked, he gave me a feeling of father, he was listening to my session and stories carefully and gave me feedback and shared with me his stories, later no matter when we meet, he treats us like his children but also respect us.

So when I finished my term in AIESEC and looking for next step, I choose to come to ADB because I felt that Chris would be a great boss and mentor, I could learn a lot from him. And since I came here, I realized how he trusts and supports youth, without him, a bank like ADB won’t engage youth in this way, and after ADB, more development like African Development Bank and Latin American Development Bank also started the cooperation with AIESEC to engage youth.

Chris met his wife in Indonesia when he worked there and they have 3 children now. He is a great father who takes care of his children and also plays with them. I hope to have a father like him too, haha.

Mowen Li

the Persian Princess in Family 
Acrylic on Paper
500mm X 650mm
2017.11.1. Philippines





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