the Persian Princess in Aoi No Ue

Aoi No Ue

Aoi No Ue is a Japanese Noh play attributed to Zeami, the most famous aesthetician and playwright from 14th. This play is based on the story from the classical Japanese novel Tale of Genji written by Shikibu.

Lady Rujoko is one of Genji’s lovers, she loves Genji with whole heart and hopes to get the same love back, but Genji has many lovers and begins to ignore her, once she was humiliated by Lady Aoi, Genji’s wife,  the spirit of Lady Rujoko thus complains of her growing agony, and in her jealousy her living spirit leaves her body and killed Lady Aoi.

Noh is a form of classical Japanese musical drama that has been performed since 14th. Mask is an important element in Noh, it’s carved from blocks of Japanese cypress and painted with natural pigments on a neutral base of glue and crunched seashell.  Mask presents the character.



Mowen Li

the Persian Princess in Aoi No Ue
Acrylic on Paper
380mm X 560mm
2017.6.19. Philippines




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