The Emotional Band

It started with a sleepless night, I took a roll of toilet paper as a diary and wrote down my messy mind on it. When the toilet paper roll was full of my writings, I took some photos for it, surprisingly, I was attracted by its flexibility in shapes, it could be any kind of shape softly, which shaped the space beautifully. 

Then I started to explore how to use a band to present this kind of flexibility in space and presented a messy mind too. In the end, I used plywood to make 5 red Mobius Band connected as one emotional band and used drip painting technique to put acrylic on it.  

The final artwork is a sculpture which the red band surrounds a blue head form, to express the emotions around the head. This artwork is changeable, you can change the positions of the band and head easily. 


Royal College of Art, London


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