Review | What I have done in the 5th Project

Coming to the 5th project at RCA, I’m continuing creating artworks based on self-expression and discovering the relationship between human and space.

It started by the most common form, diaries drawing, with just one sketchbook, I can express my feelings and thoughts.

But the diary is too small to draw, I started to look at where else I could paint, so I took a roll of 10m paper to paint my messy mind. Until the paper was finished, I still can’t sleep.

Compared to painting on a sketchbook, I like the way of painting everything on one roll of paper. The view is more continuous, with less space limitation.

When I put the roll of paper on the back yard to take some photos, I found it’s like a stair, a stair to somewhere I don’t know.

I began to be more interested in the role of paper. So next, on another sleepless night, I took a roll of toilet paper, start to write down my messy mind on it, till the toilet paper roll was finished, then I took some photos of it in different shapes.


After using the toilet paper, I started to look at what else I can use from the bathroom. And the makeup remover pads attracted my eyes, when I clean my face every day before sleep, but how about the mood? Did I clean away the bad moods?

I also used the weight scale to express where anxiety from.

I was thinking what’s the trace I leave in London but felt that it’s only rubbish, lots of rubbish. To collect my trace, I kept most of these traces in my life, then display them on a rose velvet fabric. This is the trace I leave in London, this is my legacy in London.

I can’t stay inside the room anymore, so I started to go to the street, I used to look down at the ground, or look straight, or look around, but the day when I look up, I found the sky is so beautiful with tree branches, especially the space between the branches.

I hope to bring these tree branches to my own space, where people could lie down and be surrounded by those moments. Here is the simulation model.

What’s more, I made some human form sculptures with modeling clay.


And human forms painting.

When I looked at those artworks I made in the past 6 weeks. Few points:

  • I’m still interested in the immersive art installation, but instead of still work, I’m more looking into moving images, and use photography,  film, light, and sound into my work, and may need some new technology too.
  • My art is still about self-expression, but I started to be interested in using objects from life and nature. Instead of creating art in the studio, I prefer to make art outside and discover the relationship between human and space.
  • Trees could be an interesting theme to make an art project globally, but need to research and plan for it.
  • I started to be interested in science and disruptive technology,  after this school program, I plan to contact some technology company and science institutions to do some research and collaboration.



Royal College of Art, London


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