Inspiration | Artists as Diarists

In the book  Breakfast at Sotheby’s: An A-Z of the Art World, Philip Hook mentioned that he is interested in those artists who do writings, from their diaries, you could get a glimpse of their honesty, which would touch your heart. What’s more, artists would love to recognize and tolerant their deficiency and absurdity. Artists’ diaries have shown painful souls inside those creators. 

It stimulated me to draw and write my diaries again. 

I used to love writing and drawing while traveling, wherever I went, I would record what I have seen, experienced and thought. It was the way how I observed the world, connected with the world and create my world.

However, coming to art school, I was criticized by several tutors on how to use my sketchbook, someone said I didn’t use my eyes to see carefully when I draw, someone said I need to do more experiment with the sketchbook. After several times being criticized, I stopped drawing on sketchbooks. 

Well, what a stupid decision. How can you stop doing something just because of other people’s criticize if you really love it?  I decided to come back to my daily drawings, before that, I researched some artist’s diaries to get inspirations on how to start my new diary drawings.

the Diary of Frida Kahlo

Dear Diaries by Juanan Requena 

Sketchbook by Miklós Szüts

Book Installations

Fibre Art

 stitching texts

Maybe I can start the new diary from finding beauty in London life?



Notting Hill, London


Inspiration | Artists as Diarists”的一个响应

  1. Dear Mowen, I love the sketchbooks that you show here. They are interesting and inspiring and made me want to explore more of that…
    I’m sure your sketchbooks will be enriched from looking at these as you just enriched me by showing them. Thank you!


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