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The desire is never satisfied, after designing my costume, I want to design a bag, hat, sunglasses, mask, boots, heels, gloves, earrings, necklace……..

Due to the limited time before the presentation, I only made a pair of Block Heels, sunglasses, mask and a failed hat– kerchief.

Material Preparation

Left painted and white cotton drills, red and white acrylic, disposable piping bags, hot glue gun, scissors, a pair of sunglasses, a pair of Block Heels, an anti-dust earloop face mask. 


I bought this big sunglasses from Convent Garment market 3 months ago, with only ₤8, it’s not a branding sunglasses, but I like its exaggerated shape to cover half face, unfortunately, it’s too big, I just wore them for once. 

I used to the piping bag to squeeze red and white acrylic on the surface of the glasses, but also leave spaces for eyes still see the world. The pattern I drew on left and right glasses are anisomerous and heave, layers by layers, some acrylic even dripped on the glasses, which made it more artistic. 

Earloop Face Mask

I love wearing earloop face mask when I was in Asia, it’s not only for doctors nurses or patients, but norman Asian people loving wearing it on the street. It’s anti-dust, when it’s windy, it helps dust goes into your mouth and nose,  if you are sick, it protects you and others by stopping virals spreading, in winter, it keeps your face warm.


(photo from Baidu)

Since I was a teenager, I started to wear face mask, especially in winter, my Mom bought a lot from a pharmacy. When I didn’t wanna people see my expressions in public, I also wore them.


Because it could cover your face, famous Asian actors and actresses wore them on the street to avoid people recognizing them. Unfortunately, people still could recognize them sometimes and then it became a trend to wear a black face mask for the street snap.

(photo from Baidu)

In London,  I can’t find earloop face mask in any pharmacy, last month when I got flu, I ordered 100 pieces from Amazon, and when I wore it walking on the street and school, people looked at me surprisedly, which is also a culture shock for me. 

So I want to design an earloop face mask too, then drew a devil face on it.


My mom bought me this pair of Block Heels in China 4 month ago, it’s very comfortable, I wore it almost every day. Since it’s already autumn in London and I no longer wear them, I decided to use this pair of shoes to design my own shoes.

First, I use small pieces of the white cotton drill to cover all the surface of the shoes, then I chose the left painted cotton drills and stuck them into the shoes with the hot glue gun. I don’t have a shoe model, so sometimes I need to wear the shoes then stuck some fabric, which is so hot and painful, I was keeping screaming.

For the left one, firstly I stuck a pair of birds on two sides of the vamp, a fish on the strap, an eye on the counter, a heart on the toe box. Then I stuck more straps across the top. In the end, to make it more 3 dimensional, Shuyuan gave me some red wools to stuck on the heel and the toe, I also squeezed acrylic on the surface to draw it more complicated.

Since the left is red, so I choose black painted cotton drill for the right one, and keep it simple, as asymmetry and contrast. 

Since I didn’t change the basic structure, it’s still very comfortable and easy to wear. And I do think I would wear it on the street too.


(Photo by Friedel)

HatHeadband — Kerchief

I wanted to design a hat, I love wearing hat and I know that my face and head look good in most kinds of hats especially fedora,  bobble hat, cloche and trapper, but definitely not a cap. 

I was also searching hat on John Galiano’s fashion show, which expanded my imagination on headwear.

(photo from Google)

I was thinking to design an exaggerated hat. 

Since the costume I designed was pieces of myself, I hope the hat could achieve to “unification“, to have all the 9 Mowens rotating into one. 

I used a piece of wool felt to try how to shape the hat, then I decided to make a basic shape like a ski hat or beanies first, so I cut a strip of wool felt based on my head circumference, then sew a long piece of white cotton drill on it, try to sew some shapes. 

It failed, I couldn’t make a nice shape like ski hat.

However, after drawing the cotton drill, I felt it looked like a well-designed Kerchief, maybe I can use it as a headband like I used to wear in short hair? 

So I took the wool felt off and cut the cotton drill a bit to be a kerchief.

Since I was studying the anatomy of Brain and so interested in neural, I think it’s neuron in my brain playing the role of connecting and switching each of my identity.

So I drew 9 Neurons on the Kerchief, they looked like trees, I also draw my face on the cell body of each neuron.

An accident happened again, the cotton drill is too thick to be a headband, as I tried how to wear, I found it looked interesting in this way:

(Photo by Friedel)

It reminded me of these rural women in China before.

(photo from KKnews)

When Chinese actresses play roles of rural women, they also wore them in this way.

kerchief in movie

(photo from Baidu)

Later when I did research, I found that…..

This is also Queen Elizabeth II’s royal accessory.


(photo from )

Audrey Hepburn’s wore it in this way too.


(Photo from Baidu)

Actually, they look chic in Actress and models’ pose.

(Photo from Baidu)

 So, why not?  I had a kerchief in the end! And it’s perfect!


Royal College of Art, London






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