Inspiration | Fashion and Art

“A dress transforms into an artwork, back into a dress and into an artwork again. Poetry becomes reality, morphing back into fantasy.”

— Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf Spring 2016

“It’s a Surrealist meeting of a white pique polo shirt and Cubist portraits,We call it a performance of sculpture.” –Viktor Horsting, one half of design duo Viktor & Rolf.

“Each of the garments was made entirely from a white technical piqué – a cotton material woven with fine ribbing, creating a magnified eyelet structure…….Asymmetric silhouettes and frilled hems were combined to give a ‘spontaneous, thrown-together look’.” — Dezeen

“The designs blur the boundaries between garment and sculpture, and question the relationship between wearer and clothing, sometimes overtaking the body and obscuring the face of the wearer, ” said Viktor & Rolf.”The effect of rapid improvisation is deceptive however: every seemingly random cut, blotch or chip is meticulously hand finished,”

What inspired me from this collection:

1st, a mash-up of fashion and art, garment and sculpture, wearer and clothing.

2nd, start from a simple point, even a white polo shirt, then become more and more complex, and more and more layers.

3rd, use Asymmetric silhouettes and frilled hems, sometimes could cut a bit and leave a space to breathe.

4rd, instead of randomly cutting and sewing, but do consider each piece. cut into strange and exaggerated shapes, to shape the humor

5th, like the black logo appearing in every piece, always leave your logo as part of the cloth.

Viktor & Rolf Fall 2015

Viktor and Rolf had another collection combining art and fashion.

“During the catwalk show, they transformed broken picture frames filled with fabric into haute-couture gowns, by taking them off a wall and draping them over models….The garments at the beginning of the show were blank canvases, made from white fabric shaped with wooden batons around hems and collars.” — Dezeen

What inspired me is that, if there is at least a hole, it could be a dress, for my design of the garment, maybe I don’t need to think too complicated like fashion students, but play my strength in the fine art area.

Btw, I was amazed by their fall 1999 Haute Couture Fashion Show, they dressed up one model piece by piece to finish the whole fashion, reminded me the Russian Doll, would be a great idea to design different garments representing different selves, then dress up or take off one by one.

Edda Gimnes Fall 2016 & SS 2017

“Edda Gimnes believes in the power of storytelling; she takes inspiration from found vintage photographs and old trinkets and breathes new life into them. Sketching out her designs, and illustrating the fabric with black etch-a-sketch style drawings, she digitally prints out the design and cuts it out like paper doll clothes. Drawn with the opposite hand she is comfortable using, the oversized canvas clothing is playful and reminiscent of childhood. ” — Something About Maganize

” I don’t think there is definite line between art and fashion; I think it is blurred and that the two worlds are closer than ever. I don’t think Fashion and art has ever been this much combined with so many artist collaborations happening. There are so many crossovers, and big fashion houses have collaborated with big artists, which brings in a new and different aspect into the fashion industry. I feel like in my collection I combine fashion and art in a new and unexpected way. ” — Edda Gimnes interview 

Inspirations from this collection:

1st, white fabric and basic silhouettes like a blank canvas

2nd, childlike sketch style drawings, which made the garment like a doll clothing and so playful, could use the left hand to draw.

3rd, not limited to dress, but also shoes, hats, bags, and sunglasses.


London, UK

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