Afghanistan | What’s Afghan Street Kids’ current Life & dream Life ?

In an art workshop with Afghan street kids and teenagers, I’m curious about what kind of life they are living, so I asked them to draw me about their current life and dream life on one paper.

When these kids drew about their future life, almost everyone said they want to be a teacher, or a doctor, or an engineer. Because during their growth, their parents and teachers always told them to be teacher or doctor or engineer to serve the country, you can educate people, to treat the injured, to rebuild the country, and these three jobs could let them earn good salary too, besides these three, they didn’t see other opportunities or choices of “good jobs”. 

How can we help to let them realize that there are more choices they could make in life ?

“I’m selling gum to passing cars and people on the street.
In the future, I want to be a teacher.  “

“I’m 18 years old now, my job is washing cars,
but I want to be a teacher. “

“Now I’m studying at school and play with my friends.
Can I be a teacher in the future ?”IMG_1542

“I go to school every day,
and want to be a doctor in the future. “

“I take a bus to school and come back home.
I want to be an Engineer.”

“I wish to be a doctor and have a big house with swimming pool. “

“I want to be an artist. “IMG_1541



Kabul, Afghanistan

Afghanistan | What’s Afghan Street Kids’ current Life & dream Life ?”的一个响应


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