AIESEC: Young people hold the key to a brighter future

We are 100,000 stories of young people from all corners of the globe, doing small but amazing things every day to make a difference in the world.

— the Very AIESEC Book















I joined AIESEC when I was a freshman in University and stayed there for 6 years, and I still remember the first conference I joined, they told me that even though you are small, you still can change the world. And I told myself, I will give all my best and see how far I can go from here.

In the past 6 years, I have learned and grown a lot with AIESEC,  I went to 20+ countries to work with local young people on youth leadership, cross-cultural understanding, word issues and social development. And I realized that what I valued is positive impact, empowerment, creativity and freedom.

I drew this book in 2013 when I was National VP Marketing of AIESEC Mainland of China, that was one of my happiest moment to create this, and later everytime when I shared with people about my stories in AIESEC, I would ask them”what’s your story? What’s your new story ?”

When we ask for a STORY, we ask for YOUR story.

And I don’t REPEAT stories, I CREATE new stories.

Mowen Li


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