the Persian Princess in ARTIST

That was the second month in Iran, one day I took a taxi from the North to the South, when I looked out the window, I saw a Persian Princess in black chador flying over the snow mountain and yellow building towards me. When we started each other, I knew that she will be with me for my whole life.

She said:  You see me in Black, but I see myself gorgeous because I have a plentiful inner world.

One day I dreamed a lion and it asked me “why not paint Persian Princess to let more people know about her? You have talent in art. ” So, I took my paints and paper, and started to draw the Persian Princess.

For the first series of Persian Princess, I chose 10 of my favorite artists and imaged that the Persian Princess are in their artworks.

I had some ideas in my mind before drawing, but once I painted the first color, it lost control and did not belong to me anymore.

I didn’t know who did these paintings, perhaps someone alive in my body, and what I need to do is just observe it.

the Persian Princess in ARTIST”的一个响应


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