Travel and Paint in Iran 2016

I was living in Iran for one year, in Tehran, on the snow mountain. That was the year 1395, in Persian Calendar. During the Persian New Year holiday, I took a notebook and several markers and started my first painting trip, from Tehran, to Anzali, Isfahan, Naein and Shiraz.

The Journey begins
Imagine all the  possibilities, I choose you, Persia1

I love how I love flowers, more than my life  2

The Caspian Sea
My little boat, please take me to the world
and bring me delicious white fish 34

Isfahan ∙ Naqsh -E Jahan Square
We drink and dance, we laugh and cry, we dream and dream5

Isfahan ∙Hasht Behesht
Every piece of the wall is telling a unique history67isfahan

Isfahan ∙ Imam Mosque
the door to heaven is blue, and your eyes too89isfahan

Naein ∙ Handmade Carpet
I was born on the carpet, I lived on the carpet, and I died on the carpet
I spent all my live on the carpet 10


Naein Wind Catcher
It’s so hot in the desert, I need to create natural ventilation in buildings11

Shiraz∙Shrine of Shah Cheragh
1000 years after his death, we followed the light to his grave
and build an ever-burning grave for him12

Shiraz ∙ Tomb of Hafez
People love his wisdom and poems, they come to his tomb from day to night image_1461392112.306064He said, gave me wine, I’m drunk for love, but people call me wise manimage_1461392113.823542

Shiraz ∙ Nasir ol Molk Mosque
“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.”1314

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