the Persian Princess in Van Gogh

the persian princess in vangogh

My gloomy mood was swept away by bright colors and sunflowers

When I was living in Netherlands, almost every week I would go to Van Gogh Museum to enjoy his painting, his bright colors, and strong brushwork, they brought me away from life and changed all my mood each time.

I used to be scared of painting Van Gogh, even though it’s just sunflowers, it’s hard to draw his style, so I delayed again and again. Until one day I told myself,  hey, forgot the skills and style from Van Gogh, just be who you are and paint the feelings that Van Gogh gave to you.

And to my surprise,  I became so happy when I paint these bright flowers and use a strong brush. They just swept away my gloomy mood.

Thank you, Van Gogh.

Mowen Li

acrylic on paper

390mm X 540mm 

2017.3.24. Philippines 


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