the Persian Princess in the Nutcracker


the Nutcracker, the ballet orchestrated by the Russian composer Tchaikovsky.

I love Ballet, when I was in Europe, I love going to the theater to watch opera and ballet performance, even during the traveling trips. I still remember the morning in Budapest, I went to the national theater and watched Ballet performance “Yevgény Onégin”, that made my day so pleasant.

Now living in Manila, I went to learn Ballet twice a week, to feel the moving of my body, my arm and legs, my neck and back, it’s all about being graceful with strengh.

Yes, ballet looks so gentle and graceful, their dancing pace is so light, but in each move it’s full of strength, the strength in the muscle.

So I wanted to draw a painting about one ballet show and chose the Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky. In Nutcracker’s heart, he always remember the first time when the girl met him, how happy she was. He hopes that he could make her happy and protect her as always.



Mowen Li

the Persian Princess in the Nutcracker
Acrylic on Paper
380mm X 560mm
2017.7.17. Philippines


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