the Persian Princess in RABINDRANATH TAGORE


“Eyes are raining for her, while heart is holding an umbrella for her, this is love.”

— Gitanjali, by Tagore

One month ago, I wanted to paint this famous poem by Tagore when I read it, it touched my heart, but I didn’t know what to paint to describe this kind of feeling.

Until I came back from a trip,  which was mixed with sunshine and rain, and the person who was so important to me said that when it’s raining, remember to hold the umbrella, finally, I found the moment to paint this poem by Tagore,  “Eyes are raining for her, while heart is holding an umbrella for her, this is love. ”

Too many tears may hurt that person you love and push her/him away, next time, please remember to hold an umbrella with your heart, don’t let her/him get wet by your emotions.

Mowen Li 

the Persian Princess in TAGORE
Acrylic on Canvas
400mm X 600mm
2017.5.28. Philippines 


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