the Persian Princess In Starfish


Return Home: one morning when I was walking by the sea, I saw two women lying among dozens of starfish on the beach to take photos, and a boy was continuing collecting starfish from the sea, which made me feel so sad, since these starfish would die within 20min without water. So I decided to pick up those starfish on the beach and send them back to the sea immediately. Those two women got angry and blamed me for being rude to ruin their photos, I was angry too ” I don’t care about ur photos, I just care about their life, which is much more important and beautiful than ur selfie. ” At that moment, all that in my mind was to send these dozens of starfish back home faster so they won’t suffer from the sun. Later the little boy who collected these starfish came back, I thought he would cry or blame me too, surprisedly he didn’t say anything but join me to send these starfish back to the sea, when we finished, we had five then said goodbye. I was quite happy that morning for saving dozens of life and change a little boy’s mind and action within 5 minutes, and realized that, if one person wanna take bigger responsibility and change more issues, the more pressure and blame you may face, the more courage you need to have, and more people you will influence, and all that you need are a firm belief, humanitarian heart, and strong actions.


Mowen Li
the Persian Princess in Starfish
Acrylic on Canvas
12″ X 14″
2018.2.3. Bohol, the Philippines




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