the Persian Princess in ALEXANDER PUSHKIN


What’s in my name ?

by Alexander Pushkin

What’s in my name? It’s soulless,

It shall expire, like the dismal roar

Of waves that hit the distant shore,

Like nighttime noises in the forest!

Upon the memo sheet, in grief,

Its imprint in the stillborn gloom,

Much like the writing on the tomb,

In foreign language it will leave.

What’s in it? All the lost and trite

In new and wild insurrection,

Within your soul it won’t excite

The pure and kind recollections.

But silently, in time of anguish

Pronounce it softly while grieving

Say that my memory won’t vanish

That there’s a heart in which I’m living…



The process of this painting is a story of love, starting on a white paper, from the first brush to last brush, each color represents one dot of the story, all dots connected I got the painting of full story of love. Even though in the end, you just see dark colors, bright colors never disappear, they are part of the process and will be on the paper forever, like all the happiness they do exist in your deep memory.

Mowen Li

the Persian Princess in ALEXANDER PUSHKIN
Acrylic on Paper
390mm X 540mm
2017.6.11. Philippines


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