the Persian Princess in Blossom


I found my favorite flower

Her name is Roselle

I can’t live without painting or flowers.

When I did this painting, first I painted the background into pink and violet, which presented the rosy sky, then I painted the grey clouds and rain, and shaped it into eyes and tears too, clouds were the eyes of the sky, and rain was its tears.

At beginning I just wanted to paint one realistic flower, but when I looked at the flowers in front of me, and feel it blooming in my body, so I started to add different colors, yellow, red, white, blue, black, they were blooming in my body, in the tears of rain. 

I imagine myself is a flower, grow from the dirt, bloom widely, and bring people hope and joy.

Mowen Li
the Persian Princess in Blossom
Oil on Canvas
18″ X 24″
2017.12.16. The Philippines


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