the Persian Princess in FAUST



let’s make a deal, I offer my soul, in exchange for…….

For what?


For your love and only being with me forever?

But I dont love you.

For taking him to me and asking him to love me and only stay with me forever?

But why would he love a person without a soul ?

And how would I taste love without my soul?

It’s me who offer the soul, not him, how could you control his soul to love me?

If he doesn’t love me, what’s the meaning to stay with me forever?


love can not be exchanged, I give up offering my soul in exchange for love.


But Mephistopheles,

I’d love to offer my soul,

in exchange for your taking me into the truth of the world,

including the truth of Heaven and Hell.


And Mephistopheles,

While I facing the truth of the world,

Stay with me, as my friend, forever.


My dear Persian Princess,



Mowen Li

the Persian Princess in FAUST
Acrylic on Canvas
400mm X 500mm
2017.7.3. Philippines


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