Bumping Into the Fantasy Forest

I imagine a wide-open space
surrounded by trees
front, left, right, back, top, bottom

Wherever I walk
leaves start to grow
flowers start to bloom

Then I lie down in a corner
watching the branches swaying in the wind
and a banana moon climbing the trees


I made this space model to simulate the immersive art installation I want to achieve, all sides will be LED screen to play the video that I took while walking under trees.

If the ground could be a touch screen, and IntelliSense, when an audience walks on the ground, the touch screen could sense the pressure and show leaves growing and flowers blooming.  The audience could lie down, let the flowers and leaves grow from his/her, and watch the trees swaying.

Besides, I wanna hang some banana moons in the space, so the audience could watch the moon and talk to the moon.

Here is the model, hope I could find a digital art organization like TeamLab in Japan to collaborate and make it real.

The installation itself is a big box, from outside you won’t know what’s this, but when you open and enter in, you are entering in a fantastic world.

About outside, I used black to paint, it’s from my painting on a sleepless night, I drew black marks which represented a messy mind.

The immersive installation could be a big box, outside is messy black marks and inside it’s trees and moon, a place where you can calm down,  enjoy the peaceful moments,  think about yourself, and the relationship with nature.

Each time, only one person could enter in, not even a couple or family, because, in such a noisy world, this box is a place only for yourself.

I started to be so interested in trees, they reminded me of lots of happy and beautiful memories,  for next, I wanna discover the relationship of human,  trees/plants, and space.



Royal College of Art, London

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