Reflection | What is art to me?

Every time I doubt the meaning of being alive

art is the hope to live on

where I could create a world

for the little girl to retain her childlike innocence


My tutor questioned me more than once
Why do you keep drawing a cartoon?

He told me the progress he has observed from my previous projects were
bigger scale, more layers, plentiful materials, more three-dimensional
But he could never understand
Why I keep drawing a cartoon

I took his suggestion seriously
and reviewed my previous artworks


I was excited about creating new artworks once
and they did bring me something

But the only work which touches my heart
that I wanna keep forever
the only work which I will draw if I die today
is the little girl happily living in the world I created for her



I have given up everything I ever owned, planned, expected
all for keeping this little girl with me

I don’t care if my paintings look professional or not
I don’t care if my artwork is high level or not
I don’t care about techniques, skill, materials at all

I’ve sought them, and luckily had got them before
but it’s never what I come for as an artist

I refuse to rebuild all the rules for my little girl

I don’t want to see the world I created for her
become the same as the real world in the end

I’d love to bear all the heaviness
in return for her lightness of being



London, UK

Reflection | What is art to me?”的一个响应


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