the Philippines | what kind of love do you want to give ?

2018.2.14. the Valentine’s Day. I bought some candy flowers, looking for some people to do drawings about “Love“. 

I went to SM Megamall but didn’t know who to ask for. The flower shops were full of people, or rather, the man who were going to meet their girlfriends. Everyone seemed busy, to choose gifts or walking around. I couldn’t find a person to draw, so I decided to change to another shopping mall. 

When I came outside the mall, as usual, I saw some kids and women were selling  Philippines national flowers on the street. I walked passed by them, but decided to came back and talk to them, I bought their flowers, ask them to do me a drawing on “What kind of love do I want to have ?“, and after each person’s drawing, I gave them the candy flowers as Valentines’s Day gift. These women and kids are happy to do it, so we sat on the stairs of Megamall, and did these drawings.

Then I went to Starbucks and Brotzeit German Bier Bar at Shangrila Mall, to ask people to draw “what kind of love do you want to give ?” then gave them the white flowers I bought from these street kids and tell them their stories.

“I want to have the ability to inspire the next generation.”

“Love that is pure and love that protects.”

“Love that seems light and hope from the dark past :)”

“Love for me is not just for the couples, it’s for everyone. I chose to draw this because I love children, I want to share the love around the world through connecting of the children no matter what country or culture, everyone deserves to be loved. ”

“My definition about love is like a candle. In order to give light to others, you should consume yourself. It’s an unconditional love in the service of other people. Love is #service for all human.”

“Love is something beautiful. When I think of love, it’s something so beautiful, it’s hard to put in picture form, so all I can think of is the night sky. The perfect blend of midnight blue with white and black. Like Love, you need the perpect blend of personality, the right match. Once you know that what you have is love. ”

“Money can’t buy happiness, love is the strongest force on earth. Follow your dreams and trust in yourself” —a 9-year-old boy

I’m inspired so much by their love and wisdom,  it totally changed my mind and made me so happy, what a special Valentines day in Manila!


Manila, the Philippines

4 months later, at my exhibition in Manila, I did an oil painting “what kind of love do you want ?”

I also put these drawing and paintings that I collected from the Valentines Day, and left some pens and papers to let people draw and write their opinions.

Love, it’s what the Philippines has taught me about.


Manila, the Philippines

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