Travel and Paint in Palawan, the Philippines

To celebrate 2018, I came to Palawan, one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines, with my canvas, notebook, and paints.  Every day, I did painting on the beach, in the mountain, on a boat, on the motorbike, wherever I went, whatever touched my heart.

To 2017

Last year at this moment, I wished that in 2017 I could live where I like, be with who I like, and do what I like. It was, and it’s continuing. — 2017.12.31. Palawan

To 2018

I walked around the Erlito Garden in the Ei Nido, where I live, doing nothing but appreciate the beauty of flowers, for the rest of the day, I was painting in the garden, facing the mountain and ocean, and wish me to bloom like flowers in 2018.  — 2018.1.1. Palawan

To Nature

I met this peaceful ricefield when I was riding a motorbike on the mountain road, it’s not enough to just do a quick sketching, the second day, I came back with my canvas and paints, and spent a whole day here painting the ricefield. The Typical Depression came, I fell down from the motor and got hurt, nature is my best teacher, who I love and revere.  — 2018.1.2. Palawan

To Ocean

I did this painting while joining the island hopping in Ei Nido, Palawan. I was staring at the islands and clouds and saw my Persian Princess arising from the edge of the sea, it’s the god of the ocean. The boat was shaking, with sea waves, I was wet by the waves and scared that the painting would drop into the ocean. — 2018.1.4. Palawan



Palawan, the Philippines
2017.12.30 – 2018.1.5


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