Artwork in UK

Project 3: Artefact

A Path to Immortality: from Dissociation to Association 

Artefact | Costume Design: the Association of Mowen

Artefact | Shoes and Accessories Design 

Artefact | Being Photographed: a celebration of self

mini costume

My Brain Activity and My Body Activity

Monoprinting – All of I

Project 2: Navigator

Time, City, Being

Navigator | Part 1: the Shape of Time

Navigator | Part 2: the Birth of City

Navigator | Part 3: the Infinity of Being

Project 1: Manifesto

No Escape 

Performance Art: there is nowhere I can escape 

Journal Art:

Drawing | Drawings at Victoria and Albert Museum

Sketchbook | a reflective journal on project “Manifesto: No Escape”



Royal College of Art
London, UK