Group Exhibition | the Caged Man — London, UK.

Graduation Exhibition 

Royal College of Art
White City, London, UK.
14th Feb to 21st Feb 2019

Mowen Li works at the intersections of fine art, spatial installation, philosophy, and social phycology, to explore the concept of self, self and others, and the effects of globalization on self and identity.

Playing with color, scale, and texture, her installation is combined with multi-materials, including figurative human forms in tapes and painted paper, dolls in polymer and modeling clay, a collection of cages and nets, etc. Inspired by the theory of Looking-Glass Self developed by Charles Cooley, the cage represents the society, perceptions of other people, of parents, relatives, teachers, friends, colleagues, to strangers and idols in the internet era, who have great power in shaping one’s self-image.

With black tapes tangling on the human form from all sides, this installation is an extension of the artist’s emotions from inside to outside, and drawing in a 3 dimensional space, which displays the struggle of forming an ideal self from invisible influence by peer comparisons, values of the society we live in, media, and significant people around them.



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